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The Cosmopolitan City Okinawa Concept: A Grand Design for the 21st Century

Okinawa Prefectural Government - November, 1996


In the face of transforming international conditions and growing interdependence among nations, the role Japan will play and the responsibilities Japan is expected to fulfill as a member of the global community are being questioned. In particular, Japan is expected to accept and fulfill greater responsibilities in contributing peace and stability to the neighboring Asian countries which are making significant economic progress, growing in interdependence and rising in levels of exchange.

On the other hand, with the emergence of domestic problems such as budget deficits, deindustrialization, and the aging of population, Japan's practices and systems, which have provided the mainstay of its socioeconomic development over the past 50 years, inevitably needs a re-evaluation. Promotion of administrative deregulation and decentralization is presently one of the essential issues. Consequently, local regions in Japan are also expected to expand theirregional identity and diversity by developing administrative measures with an international view to improve regional self-sufficiency.

Under these circumstances, our prefecture intends to make maximum use of its geographical location, natural environment, and historical experiences to expand on international exchanges and build trusting ties with foreign countries, especially the Asian countries, not only through economy but through science, culture, and training programs for personnel. This will contribute to Okinawa's self-sufficiency and to Japan's position in the global society.

We have reached a time to become a bridge builder in Asia with Bankoku shinryo no seishin, our heritage in the spirit of coexistence which built friendship with the neighboring countries. While making use of our geographical location in promoting international trades and holding a clear view of the new era in the Asian Pacific region, we shall promote the formation of Okinawa befitting the coming future. This concept is formed with a vision of Okinawa 20 years later, bearing Okinawa's state of affairs and backgrounds. It aims to realize "Cosmopolitan City Okinawa," as Okinawa's grand design for the 21st century with the underlying principles of peace, coexistence, and self-sufficiency.

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