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John Michael Purves - somayama@mac.com

Ryukyu-Okinawa History and Culture Translations



To supplement my teaching income I will continue doing translation for payment in 2017. I have been doing translation work, primarily for my own research, for more than twenty years and am pretty good at it as long as it falls within my wheelhouse.

My wheelhouse: anything related to Ryukyu-Okinawan history and culture from ancient, through early-modern and modern, into the postwar and the contemporary eras. Local translation companies often have trouble with such texts because of their specialization but this is my zone.

My translation rates: will depend on how technical the text you present me with is. I would have to read through the text and study the degree of specialization before quoting you a price.

Contact Information:

Flat 38 Bishops Court, North Street, Wellington, Somerset (UK), TA21 8LT

iPhone: 0759-980-2618
E-mail: somayama@mac.com

Working Language Pairs:

Japanese > English

Service and Rates:

Translation and proofreading of Japanese > English texts:

- a minimum rate of 10 yen per character (no hourly minimum).

- more specialized texts with technical language/vocabulary will cost more. If you send me your text I will give you a quote.

- if you have a large translation project in mind (something approaching book length) I am happy to negotiate a price, again depending on the degree of specialization.

- once I get things up and running payment will be through PayPal

Specialization/Subject area:

Ryukyu-Okinawa history and culture


I use Mac OSX and can deal with most text files. Please specify if you have exotic tastes.




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