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  • Fuyu (10 out of 5 stars. I am extremely impressed with the amount of content offered and the huge effort obviously involved in keeping it up and running. The Chinese characters for the site's name mean literally "wind blowing" though there may well be some wordplay going on in as much as Iha "Fuyu" was Okinawa's most prominent 20th century scholar. Deliberate connection or not, there certainly is a solid spiritual linkage. Just as Iha emphasised Okinawa's uniqueness in his works at a time when the newly prefecturalised island region was in danger of being consumed by Japan, so this website is whole-heartedly devoted to the issue of autonomy and/or independence for Okinawa. In an emotional way in part, but overwhelmingly based on a solid library of scholarly materials. This Japanese language-only site is a must-visit for any of you who have bothered to delve this far into my site. Please go see it, and then tell others about it)
  • Wonder Okinawa (Actually a government-run site, but multi-faceted and of interest to the casual observer)
  • Randall Northrop's Okinawa WWW Page - Site designed primarily to provide information/photographs for military personnel who will be stationed on Okinawa. Stacks of photos showing facilities on Okinawa (mostly on-base facilities). If you're about to PCS to Okinawa you might usefully investigate this site.
  • Impala (links and more links)
  • Awamori-Kan (everything you ever wanted to know about Okinawa's famous alcoholic beverage)

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