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"Emperor of Japan's Opinion Concerning the Future of the Ryukyu Islands"

Tokyo, September 22, 1947


Tokyo, September 22, 1947.

Subject: Emperor of Japan's Opinion Concerning the Future of the Ryukyu Islands.

The Honorable, The Secretary of State, Washington.


I have the honor to enclose copy of a self-explanatory memorandum for General MacArthur, September 20, 1947, containing the gist of a conversation with Mr. Hidenari Terasaki, an adviser to the Emperor, who called at this Office at his own request.

It will be noted that the Emperor of Japan hopes that the United States will continue the military occupation of Okinawa and other islands of the Ryukyus, a hope which undoubtedly is largely based upon self-interest. The Emperor also envisages a continuation of United States military occupation of these islands through the medium of a long-term lease. In his opinion, the Japanese people would thereby be convinced that the United States has no ulterior motives and would welcome United States occupation for military purposes.

Respectfully yours,

W. J. Sebald

Counselor of Mission

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