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Compensation for Use of Real Estate Within Military Areas

5th December 1953


WHEREAS, under the Rules of Land Warfare, and the provisions of Article 52, Section III, of the Regulations Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land, Hague Convention No. IV of 18 October 1907, the Armed Forces of the United States requisitioned and took possession of certain real estate needed by the Army of Occupation, and


WHEREAS, by virtue of the power of eminent domain conferred upon the United States by Article 3, Chapter II, of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, the Armed Forces of the United States, subsequent to 28 April 1952, occupied and used certain other real estate needed by the United States forces, and


WHEREAS, the Armed Forces of the United States have been in continuous possession of a certain portion of that real estate designated as "Military Areas" from 1 July 1950 and subsequent dates prior to the date of this proclamation, and


WHEREAS, the records of land titles destroyed through war damage have now been restored and owners of land lying within the boundaries of the Military Areas have been appropriately notified of the requisition of their lands by the United States Armed Forces, and


WHEREAS, the United States is now completing payment for rent for the use and occupancy of all land encompassed by the boundaries of the Military Areas from 1 July 1950, or subsequent date of requisitioning, through 27 April 1952, and


WHEREAS, the welfare and defense of the Ryukyu Islands requires the continued use and occupancy by the Armed Forces of the United States of all the Military Areas for an indefinite period of time, and


WHEREAS, agents of the United States have attempted, by negotiation, to enter into written agreements whereby the United States should acquire the right of use and occupancy of the Military Areas in return for estimated due compensation to the landowners, without success, and


WHEREAS, an implied lease and obligation of the United States to pay rent was created the day and date subsequent to 1 July 1950 said lands were requisitioned, and a leasehold interest was thereby vested in the United States as of said date, and


WHEREAS, the continued use of private lands for public purposes without compensation is abhorrent to the Constitution of the United States and may create hardship among the people of the Ryukyu Islands,


NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID A. D. OGDEN, Major General, United States Army, Deputy Governor of the Ryukyu Islands, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by competent authority, do hereby proclaim as follows:



The right of the United States of America to the use and occupancy of the Military Areas heretofore taken by the Armed Forces of the United States under implied lease is hereby confirmed, and the United States of America is hereby vested with the right to use and occupy such lands presently occupied by agencies of the United States as it shall duly register, as provided in Article II hereof, for a term of years which shall begin on 28 April 1952, or subsequent date of requisition prior to the effective date of this Proclamation, and continue through 30 June 1954, subject, however, to existing easements for public purposes; provided, that the right to use and occupy the lands so registered shall remain in force thereafter from year to year; and, provided further, that the United States may give sixty (60) day notice of cancellation as to all or any part of the area concerned, which notice shall not be final until the expiration date. During the period between such notice and the expiration date, the United States reserves the right to rescind such notice of cancellation or issue a superseding one effective only as to a designated portion of the area covered by the notice of cancellation. (CA Proc #39)

第一集 合衆国軍隊が黙契によりこれまで収用してきた軍用地の使用及び占有に対する合衆国の権利をここに確認すると共に合衆国ほその代行機関が現在占有している土地をこの布告の第二条に基づき、正式に登記することによって一九五二年四月二十八日又はその後においてこの布告の発効期日前に収用した日から一九五四年六月三十日までの期間公共のために設定された現存の地役権を妨げることなく当教士地の占有及び使用に対する権利を保有するものとする。但し、当該登記をした土地の占有及び使用に対する権利は、以後年々引続き効力を有する。なお、合衆国は、これらの土地の全部又は一部について六十日前に権利消滅の予告をすることができるがこの予告ほ、六十日の期間満了の日までは、最終的且つ、決定的なものではない。この予告を発した日から権利消滅までの期間は、合衆国ほ、該予告を廃棄し、又はそれに代替する予告を当初の予告に係る地域と同一の部分についてのみ発する権限を有する。



The United States is hereby authorized to register, within the District Land Registry Offices having registry jurisdiction over the land or real property involved, Certificates of Confirmation and Rental Deposit covering subject lands, and such offices are hereby authorized to make such registrations. The said Certificate of Confirmation and Rental Deposit shall reflect the legal description of all lots or tracts involved and the estimated amount of rental money which has accrued and is due from date of requisition, the value of any improvements acquired, and a statement of the amount of rental which will accrue annually thereafter. The United States may, at the end of suitable terms of years, conduct new appraisals and, by registering amendments of the Certificates of Confirmation, establish new rental compensation thereafter. (CA Proc #33)

第二集 米国は、確認及び地代供託証を登記する権限を有し、当該土地又は不動産に関する所管の登記所において又、登記所はかかる登記の事務を処理する権限を与えられる。確認及び地代供託証には、関係土地の法的表示、収用期日以後に生じた又は支払うべき賃借料見積額、接収した地上物件の価格並びに以後年々生ずる賃借料額を野不する。米国は適当な期間を定めて新規に評価を行ない然るべく当該確認証の改正を登記することにより、以後の賃借補債額を更新することができる。



Forthwith after the filing of said Certificate of Confirmation and Rental Deposit, there shall be deposted by the United States with the Chief Executive of the Government of the Ryukyu Islands, or his duly authorized representative, a sum of money representing the estimated accrued rental and value of the improvements acquired, to be held in trust for the legal owners of said real estate or the benefit of persons entitled thereto. Any payments made by the Chief Executive, or his authorized representative, shall be upon certification of the Government of The Ryukyu Islands so that the person(s) receiving such payment was determined, after appropriate title search and physical inspection of the property, to be the proper recipient(s) of the money paid. Unless and until the United States shall give notice of termination, pay as above, provided that adequate appropriations are available from year to year for the payment of rentils. No rentals upon any real estate shall accrue after the effective date of release. (CA Proc #33)

第三条 米国ほ前記確認及び地代供託証の提出後直ちに、当該土地の法定所有者又は有権者に支払うペき借地料見賛額及び接収した地上物件の価格に相当する金額を琉球政府主席又はその委任す古代理人に供託し、行政主席又はその代理人は適当に所有権を調査し且つ当該財産の実施検証を行なった上で、当該金額の支払を受ける暑が正当な受取人である旨認定した琉球政府の証明のもとに、支払を処理する。米国が解約を通知しない限り、土地使用料の支払は各会計年度末に前述のとおり、供託金をもってなされる。但し、賃借料支払に要する金額は年々適当に予算に計上されるものとする。いかなる不動産もその解放期日以後については賃借料を生じない。



The full amount of money deposited for the benefit of persons entitled thereto may be withdrawn by them upon the execution of a stipulation providing that the rental and improvement values registered in accordance with Article II, above, are satisfactory. In the event the said values are not considered satisfactory to the legal landowner, he may withdraw 75% of the amount deposited and within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the filing of the Certificate of Confirmation and Rental Deposit appeal in writing to the Deputy Governor. If after the filing of a Certificate of Confirmation an amendment is subsequently registered which revises or in any manner alters the amount of rental compensation to be paid for land acquired by said Certificate of Confirmation, then the owner or owners of said land shall have thirty (30) days frown the date of filing said amendment for registration in which to file a written appeal upon the revised amount, which appeal shall be subject to the same rules and limitations prescribed herein for appeal upon the filing of a Certificate of Confirmation. Such appeals will be heard before the United States Land Acquisition Commission for the Ryukyu Islands established by Section 4, Civil Administration Ordinance 109, whose award, whether more or less than the estimated values, shall be binding and final with regard to the compensation for the period covered by the appraisal taken under review by the Commission. (CA Proc #33)

第四条 有権者のために供託された金額は、前述の第二条に基づき登記された賃借料及び地上物件の価格が満足すべきものであることを文書で証明した上で当該有権者はこれを受取ることができる。法定土地所有者が補償額ほ不満である場合は、供託金の七十五パーセントを受取って、確認及び地代供託証の提出後三十日(暦日)以内に民政副長官に対し書面による訴願をすることができる。確認証の提出後その改正が登記されそれによって当該確認証に係る土地の賃借補償額が改変された時は、関係土地所有者は前記改正の提出及び登記期日後三十日以内に当該変更補償額について訴願書を提出することができる。この訴願については、確認証が提出された場合の訴願に関する前述の規定及び制限的条件をその儘適用する。これらの訴願は、民政府布令第百九号第四条によっで設置された琉球列島米国土地収用委員会において審理され、その裁定額ほ、見積価格に比しての増減の如何に拘らず、同委員会の審理を受けて評価された補償については、当該評価の対象となった期間に関する限り確定的且つ拘束的なものである。
本条……全部改正 (一九五六年七月民政布告三三号〕


The Civil Administrator of the Ryukyu Islands shall promulgate such administrative rules and regulations as are needful for the purposes herein proclaimed. (CA Proc #33)

第五条 琉球列島米国首席民政官は、本布告の目的達成のために必要な行政上の親則及び規程を公布する。



This Proclamation become effective on the 5th day of December 1953. Given under my hand this 5th day of December 1953.

第六条 この布告は、一九五三年十二月五日から施行する。





Major General, U. S. Army


Deputy Governor



第六条 この布告は一九五三年十二月五日から施行する。



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