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Protest Resolution

Adopted at The Okinawan People's Rally, 20th October, 1995

(Taken from the Ryukyu Shimpo, 21st October, 1995)

Today , we assemble here to express our indignation over the violent assault on a young girl committed by American servicemen on September 4, 1995. We are here to share our grief for the victim and others affected by this tragedy and to express our strong resentment towards those responsible for this incident.

As human beings, we find this assault absolutely inexcusable and truly outrageous. Such brutal crimes, which have been repeatedly committed by US military personnel, clearly show a decline of discipline, and are indicative of the deep-rooted occupation mentality that has lasted to this day. Moreover, it shows that here is a complete lack of respect for the Okinawan people's dignity and human rights. One million two hundred fifty thousand Okinawa citizens have transcended their political views and ideologies, and all unite in strong protest against this incident. We voice our downright anger against the American authorities who, despite the incident's brutality, refused to extradite the suspects to the Okinawan Police Department and instead chose to take refuge in the US-Japan Status of forces Agreement. We also express our wrath towards the Japanese Government, which as an independent nation whose sovereign rights were clearly being infringed upon, failed to take determined diplomatic measures and resorted to weak-kneed diplomacy.

We are outraged and distrustful of the Japanese Government's position after the occurrence of the incident. In other words, this episode inadvertently but clearly revealed the government's lack of recognition of Okinawa. The national government approves of the current situation in which 75% of all American military installations in Japan are forced on Okinawa, which comprises only 0.6% of Janan's total land area. This demonstrates the fact that they are indeed insensitive to the Okinawan people's pain and hardships.

In this 50th year of the end of World War II, we the participants in this rally, watch closely for the initiation of thorough and fundamental measures by the Japanese Government to alleviate the current situation in Okinawa. We consider this a test for Japanese post-war politics and democracy.

Therefore, under the name of all attending the rally and of the one million two hundred fifty thousand citizens of Okinawa, we hereby protest against the assault committed by American servicemen, and demand the immediate resolution of the following items:

  1. Enforcement of military discipline, and eradication of crimes committed by US military personnel.
  2. Immediate apology and complete compensation to the victim .
  3. Immediate reversion of the US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement.
  4. Promotion of the reduction and realignment of US military bases in Okinawa .

(Ryukyu Shimpo, 21st October, 1995)

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