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Regarding Efforts to Resolve Issues Related to US Facilities and Areas in Okinawa

16th April, 1996

Cabinet Decision

The Governments of Japan and the United States, bearing in mind the fact that many of the United States military facilities and areas in Japan are concentrated in Okinawa Prefecture, with a view to addresses various relevant issues, established the Special Action Committee on Facilities and Areas in Okinawa (SACO) in November 1995 under the auspices of the Japan-United States Security Consultative Committee. Since then, the Governments of Japan and the United States have conducted serious and determined study on measures to improve the situation concerning these facilities and areas as well as to effectively achieve consolidation, realignment and reduction of those facilities, while seeking to maintain harmony with the objectives of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty. The Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee Meeting held on 15 April adopted an interim report submitted by SACO outlining the progress that has been made thus far in that committee's discussions. The Special Action Committee on Facilities and Areas in Okinawa (SACO) will further work on this matter, and submit the final result, by this autumn, to the Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee, which will include specific measures for consolidation, realignment and reduction of facilities and areas.

The Government of Japan, while intensifying such study, will at an early date study, from a comprehensive point of view including legal and financial aspects, possible measures to ensure appropriate and prompt implementation of the concrete steps recommended by the SACO, and will implement appropriate measures.

The Government of Japan will firmly maintain the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, and will continue to take necessary measures to fulfill its obligations under the Treaty, namely to provide necessary facilities and areas. Moreover, in order to deal with a situation in the areas surrounding Japan, which will have an important influence on national peace and security, the Government will make efforts to develop effective cooperation between Japan and the United States, pursuant to the constitution and related laws. At the same time, the Government of Japan will work together with the United States to promote multilateral dialogue and cooperation for the regional security.

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